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AutoConnect GPS is a sophisticated platform of systems that combine GPS satellite signals, vehicle status and events, transmitting data via wireless cellular networks to powerful servers that turns the data into fleet intelligence. The AutoConnect GPS cloud based servers make all of this information available to its customers over a wide variety of online platforms. Check out our How GPS Tracking Works blog article.

AutoConnect GPS has a broad range of GPS tracking hardware to support most any application. Our claim to fame, however, is our easy install plug and play devices. These devices simply plug into either the OBDII port in light-duty vehicles manufactured after 1996 or into the J-Bus port of heavy-duty vehicles. These ports are easily located in the vehicle, and a simple DIY installation of the device is all that is required.

We also provide fleet operators with a broad range of additional GPS tracking devices. We stock and support advanced GPS tracking designed for most any application including equipment, trailers, and remote asset tracking. If it should be tracked, we track it! As you might imagine there are many available options. Our priority is to listen and learn about your needs so we can present a GPS tracking solution that best fits your fleet in the most cost-effective manner.

Give us a Call: 1-855-287-4477 or Send Us a Message. Our professional Fleet Specialists are committed to providing you exceptional service and support.

Yes. Your AutoConnect GPS modem has a backup battery that will alert you if it is unplugged making it virtually tamper proof. You simply set an “Alert” on the AutoConnect GPS mapping dashboard website to inform you by text message or email if your AutoConnect GPS modem is disconnected from the vehicle. A battery disconnect event is also captured and recorded in reports for your archive. If you’d like even more security from tampering you can purchase an optional Relocation Y-cable that allows you to install the modem further up into the dash.

AutoConnect GPS is ideal for any size fleet. Whether you have a fleet of one or a fleet of thousands, AutoConnect GPS will get you up and tracking quickly. Contact us to discuss your needs. We’ve outfitted thousands of fleets large and small and we’re always prepared to provide the solution that perfectly fits your needs. +1-855-287-4477

Your AutoConnect GPS unit is a connected device and requires a separately billed service plan to wirelessly communicate the vehicle’s GPS data over the cellular network. The Service Plan includes both the cellular data and access to the continually updated AutoConnect GPS mapping dashboard website and mobile apps.

Yes. AutoConnect GPS mobile apps function seamlessly with AutoConnect GPS devices and support all available AutoConnect GPS features. AutoConnect GPS branded mobile apps will be available soon. When the AutoConnect GPS mobile app is available, account holders will receive an email to advise of the free download of AutoConnect GPS branded mobile apps.

AutoConnect GPS mobile apps are available, at no charge, for Blackberry OS7, Blackberry OS10, Android, and Apple iOS operating systems. Apps are easily downloaded from their respective OS App Stores.

An Over-Speed Warning Beeper is built into many of the AutoConnect GPS devices and warns drivers that their speed has exceeded the customizable pre-configured threshold speed (default 120.7 km/h or 75 mp/h). If the speed of the vehicle continues over the threshold for a duration of 15 seconds an over-speed event is recorded. Two distinct in-cab audible warnings alert the driver to an impending over-speed event and a third to confirm an over-speed event. An over-speed event is reset when the speed of the vehicle falls 24 km/h (15 mp/h) below the configured threshold.

You can request that the Over-Speed threshold be adjusted in 5 mp/h (8.04 km/h) increments or disable it entirely by emailing AutoConnect GPS technical support with the Serial #/ESN of the device.

An aggressive acceleration/deceleration event is defined when the vehicle’s speed changes suddenly by 14.5 km/h (9 mp/h) within a 1-second time frame.

You can see aggressive driving events on the AutoConnect GPS dashboard when looking at the trip history. You can also set Alerts on the dashboard to notify you by text or email whenever an aggressive driving event occurs. Aggressive Driving events are also recorded and included in a variety of reports to help you to assess the performance of your fleet.

An excessive idling event is detected and defined when the vehicle’s ignition is on and travel speed is less than 8 km/h (5 mp/h) for longer than 10 minutes.

You can set an alert on the dashboard to notify you by text or email if an excessive idling event occurs. You can also configure the Alert with a variety of variables such as inside or outside specific landmarks you have created, particular days, or times of day. This will help you control excessive idling and save you money in fuel and unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles.

Yes. If the ignition is Off and the AutoConnect GPS device detects movement at any speed greater than 32 km/h (20 mp/h) for 10 seconds or longer a potential towing event is triggered. That event is stopped when the GPS calculated speed is less than 8 km/h (5 mp/h for 2 minutes or longer.

You can set an Alert on the dashboard to notify you by text or email for any potential towing events to protect your vehicle assets.

The detection of a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is defined by the On Board Diagnostics (OBD/JBUS) equipment of the vehicle. If the OBD/JBUS detects a trouble code the AutoConnect GPS device records this event. Diagnostic Trouble Codes for the make and model of the vehicle can be translated via a host of online sources including a wide variety of Apps.

You can set an Alert on the dashboard to notify yourself by text or email for any DTC’s detected. This ensures you stay on top of vehicle issues and keeps your drivers safe and customers happy.

No. The device will not interfere with any of the vehicle’s electronics and on-board computers. It only “listens” to the data transmitted by the vehicle.

Fleet businesses that invest in and utilize the features of AutoConnect GPS reap the benefits and realize long-term returns on their investment. Because however, there are also many short-term goal orientated scenario’s for GPS vehicle tracking, AutoConnect GPS has a “no return” policy. Examples of short-term goals might be where a business wants to know if a particular employee is misusing a company vehicle while off the clock or someone interested in using a GPS device to find out if a spouse is cheating. In both scenarios, the user could find what they are looking for within hours and therefore would no longer need the GPS tracking device they purchased. This has led to abuse of money back guarantees.

Clearly, we want to eliminate those abusing policy and at the same time make certain that those who make a long-term investment with AutoConnect GPS receive the best possible care. Though we have a “no return” policy on all GPS hardware, we provide the highest level of support for any device purchase. We offer a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware sold, free technical support and quick turnaround. When a fleet buys AutoConnect GPS they are guaranteed a GPS tracking system that performs to the highest level.

Return Policy Breakdown

  1. All sales from AutoConnect GPS are considered final.
  2. If for any reason AutoConnect GPS authorizes an order cancellation or product return we reserve the right to apply a 3% restocking fee.
  3. All products sold on AutoConnect GPS are supported with technical support and one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have questions about our policy please contact us.

Yes. Your AutoConnect GPS device is covered by a limited manufacturer’s one (1) year non-transferable warranty. The warranty is valid as of the sale date. Checkout the full warranty description.

A Cellular service plan fees are billed through Certified Tracking Solutions Inc. to the credit card provided at the time of activation. Should you need to update your credit card please contact Certified Tracking Solutions by email at [email protected] or phone 1-855-238-3830 ext, 2.

An airtime security deposit is required for each AutoConnect GPS device activated. The security deposit amount is equal to one month’s service plan fee.

No. Cellular service plan fees are billed through Certified Tracking Solutions Inc. to the credit card provided at the time of activation. Certified Tracking Solutions deals directly with the wireless providers on your behalf. You will not receive any communication directly or indirectly as a result of your account with AutoConnect GPS.

Key differences between the Basic and Advanced Fleet plan’s are the more frequent real-time reporting and inclusion of heading change updates to achieve a higher GPS tracking resolution. The Advanced Our business fleet plans include a more robust set of fleet reporting options and enterprise-level dashboard tools and ability to integrate into back office systems.

The activation fee is a one-time charge ($20) charged by the cellular network carrier to create an account and assign a unique number so that each AutoConnect GPS device can transmit across its network.

Your AutoConnect GPS device contains a backup 10,000 position store and forward capacity should your vehicle ever travel into areas without sufficient cellular coverage. When back in cellular coverage the modem communicates all stored data to the Autoconnect servers so that you virtually never lose sight of your fleet.

Your AutoConnect GPS device will not connect to a cellular network outside of Canada or North America protecting you from costly roaming charges. The unit will accumulate and store up to 10,000 position and status events while travelling outside of Canada or North America and transmit this data once back within cellular range in Canada. A US roaming option is available should your fleet vehicles routinely travel to the United States for a nominal fee of $1.50 per month per device.

At any time you can cancel your AutoConnect GPS service plan at no cost however if you are running a seasonal business or require tracking devices for only portions of the year it may be useful to put the device in “Off-Season Mode” when not in use. Off-Season mode suspends the tracking device, allowing it to be reactivated at a later date. While in Off-Season mode you can access your account and all of the history. Written confirmation via an email to Billing at [email protected] for any unit that needs to be transferred into or out of “Off-Season Mode”.

  1. Off-Season Length

Minimum: 2 Months

Maximum: 6 Months

  1. Off-Season Charges

Transfer to Off-Season Fee: $25/Unit

$5 per month

Reactivation Fee: $0/Unit

Should you no longer need an AutoConnect GPS device we require 30 days notice to cancel the monthly Service Plan on that device. This notice must be in writing sent via email to Billing at [email protected]

Please note that if you deactivate your AutoConnect device all previous tracking data is deleted from the system! You are able to reactivate your AutoConnect device if requested within 6-months. The reactivation fee is $20/unit.

No. The device receives updates to software, firmware, and configuration settings “Over-The-Air” which means you never have to bring your device in.

No. The device is powered by the vehicle and never needs to be charged.

You can simply move the AutoConnect GPS hardware to a new vehicle or from vehicle to vehicle within your fleet. Not a problem.

No. For reliability and security AutoConnect GPS uses a custom APN (site to site VPN tunnel) with static IP for each modem (a separate pipeline if you will from the standard voice/data network). Cellular data costs are actually a small portion of the monthly service plan fee with ongoing Web Hosting making up the bulk of offset costs. Replacing the SIM in the AutoConnect GPS Modem will void the warranty on the device.

Your data will be available online for a minimum of 12 months. You should extract any data and run any reports within 12 months from the date of the activity for any archival needs.

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