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A number of event thresholds are customizable. By adjusting the default threshold values for events such as Overspeed or Aggressive Driving, AutoConnect customers are able to tailor the way they view their fleet in accordance with their unique business processes. Need to adjust default values? Email us!  

Where you see the following “Alert” symbol you can create rules in the AutoConnect GPS Dashboard to notify you by Text or Email should that event threshold be met.

An over-speed event is defined when the vehicle speed exceeds its configured threshold (default: 75mph/120.7kph) for a duration of 15 seconds. 

An over-speed event is reset when the speed of the vehicle falls 15mph/24kph below the configured threshold (60mph/97kph by default value).

An excessive idling event is defined when the vehicle’s ignition is on and travel speed is less than 5 mph/8kph for longer than the configured threshold (default 10 minutes).

A potential towing start event is defined when the vehicle’s wired ignition is off and GPS calculated speed is greater than 20mph/32kph for 10 seconds or longer. 

A potential towing stop event is defined when the vehicle’s wired ignition is off and GPS calculated speed is less than 5mph/8kph for 2 minutes or longer.

Acceleration / Deceleration

An excessive acceleration/deceleration event is defined when the vehicle’s speed increases/decreases by its configured threshold speed (default 9mph/14.5kph) within a 1-second timeframe.

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