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  • AC DiamondAsset 1 What does this Business One trial include?

The $39.95 trial includes a GPS tracking device and Business One subscription to try for 30 days. It includes the activation fee and even free shipping to get the GPS Tracking device to your business, and back if you’re not completely satisfied.

  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Will I be billed during this trial?

Nope! With the exception of the $39.95 today, you will only be billed for the  monthly subscription after your 30-day trial if you choose not to cancel.

  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Can I cancel during my trial?

Certainly! You can cancel at any time, simply by emailing us at Just remember to return the GPS tracking device within 15 days of ending the trial. (we’ll include a prepaid return shipping label)

  • AC DiamondAsset 1 What if I want to continue the Business One subscription?

You can purchase your trial GPS tracking device for $49.95. If you purchase an additional 2+ GPS devices, you can keep the original trial device for free. You will also begin to be charged the monthly $23.95 for the Business One Fleet Plan.

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$ 39.95 - Risk-Free Trial Includes:

  • Light-Duty OBDII Device
  • 30-Day Business One Subscription
  • Free Shipping
  • Activation

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