Simply defined, fleet management is the administration of commercial motor vehicles and related assets.


The description although accurate doesn’t express the all-encompassing and intensive duties that fleet managers are tasked with every single day. Here is a short list of all the tasks that fleet managers are typically responsible for:

  1. Vehicle Financing, Maintenance, and Telematics
  2. Driver, Speed, and Fuel management
  3. Health & Safety management

On top of this, many fleet managers inhabit other roles (such as warehouse managers or operations managers), especially if they are running a small or medium-sized business. And although full automation is not a yet a reality, a hands-off approach when it comes to driver management and telematics could do a great deal towards making operations more efficient and freeing up time for other projects


AutoConnect GPS helps fleets become more efficient, here’s how:

1) In-Cab Coaching

The AutoConnect GPS In-Cab Driver Coaching feature is designed to eliminate speeding, aggressive acceleration, hard braking and excessing revving/idling. Once the fleet manager sets the thresholds for what they deem acceptable driving behaviour, it is hands-off from there. If a driver goes over the threshold speed limit or leaves the vehicle idling for too long. An audible beep will remind the driver to correct their behavior increasing in urgency for as long as the negative behavior lasts. This allows the driver to have a great degree of autonomy, which promotes job satisfaction and subsequent good behavior.

2) Email/Text Notifications

If you still want to remain informed on the activities of your drivers without having to constantly watch the live tracking interface, fleet managers have the ability to set up text or email notifications for when the previously determined behavior thresholds are triggered. This feature keeps fleet managers in the loop. Additionally, text/email alerts can be sent to the drivers to inform them they are surpassing their predetermined behaviour thresholds. This can be done in conjunction with in-cab alerts or as a more subtle alternative.

3) Driver Scorecards

Driver Scorecards are one of our most popular (and fun!) reports. They are the gamification of fleet driver behavior. They do this by ranking each individual out of 100 on things such as speeding, acceleration, and idling. These rankings are beneficial not only for self-motivation but also for boisterous intra-organizational competition. Incentive structures can be built around our Driver Scorecards, which further magnify their positive impact.


Choosing the right features that fit your management style is key to success. In-cab alerts allow drivers the opportunity to correct their own behavior as it happens in real-time. Email/text notifications keep fleet managers in the loop. While Driver Scorecards use gamification and incentivize the workflow process. These three features from AutoConnect GPS can help you take a hands-off approach to fleet management. Allowing you to get more done and ultimately grow your business in a scalable way.

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