Since 1973, Clintar’s success with North America’s most reputable Fortune 500 companies, property management firms, and government and public service institutions have continued to grow as a result of their commitment to professional customer care and well-maintained grounds. Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services of Ottawa offers an unsurpassed level of services for properties in Ottawa and surrounding communities.

” I’ve been able to work in the system without any training. It’s intuitive and easy to find my way around. I like the reports, they look professional, and the information is nice and clear. I also like that they have a variety of GPS devices including plug and play options. Now on our rented trucks, we can simply remove and reinstall them in a new truck or asset ourselves. 

Trevor Cullen, General Manager


The Clintar Ottawa team had been tracking their fleet for years with another GPS tracking provider. Their experience with this product, however, had been declining for some time. The system was not getting updated often and wasn’t performing as expected. When the Ottawa franchisee turned rented equipment over they had to get someone in to remove the hardwired GPS equipment and again when they needed to install it in a new vehicle. Some of the GPS devices weren’t working properly, and some weren’t working at all. Getting service from the supplier was difficult when adding units or getting billing questions answered and as a result, the franchise had let their fleet tracking program decline to roughly half of their assets. With half the information, they were prone to mistakes when making important decisions.


Trevor Cullen, General Manager of the Ottawa franchise, mentioned to another franchise owner the challenges that they had been facing with their GPS tracking system. This owner happened to be using AutoConnect GPS to track their fleet. Aside from providing a recommendation and a contact name at AutoConnect GPS, this Clintar owner also gave Trevor login credentials to try the AutoConnect GPS system for himself.


After trying it out and speaking with the AutoConnect GPS team, the Clintar Ottawa franchise decided to replace their current system with AutoConnect GPS. They liked that there were multiple hardware options including plug and play devices that allowed for easy installation and removal making it easy to transfer to and from trucks at the beginning and end of seasonal work or at the end or an assets life.

The cloud-based software is much easier to work with, and the tracking has been more than reliable making the job of managing the fleet a great deal more effective. The reporting has been a step up. Through the winter season, there were a couple of slip and fall incidents where the reporting accessed proved beneficial.

A full-time staff member will be starting the next winter with the sole responsibility to track where their resources are and dispatch effectively using the AutoConnect GPS system. They’ll be using the reporting and analytics to assess job performance and make important adjustments to their fleet activity.

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