Jonathan’s Snow and Landscaping is a family-owned company operating in the Pakenham, Ontario area since 2010. Their reputation for reliability, customer service, and attention to detail has made them the first call for over 600 local customers.

Based on this incident we will now be purchasing three more units for ALL our fleet trucks, not just those delegated for snow removal.”​

Tori Merchand, Co-owner


Jonathan’s Snow Removal and Landscaping has been using AutoConnect GPS for over 3 years to monitor their snow removal fleet’s progress, and to verify customer billing and employee time cards. Just one day after installing a new device in a snow removal truck, an additional benefit of AutoConnect GPS proved to be the solution to an unexpected problem. After locking one of the snow removal trucks up in the garage for the night, Jonathan Merchand was shocked to find the garage door open and the truck missing the next morning, less than 12 hours later.​


Jonathan and his wife Tori called the police at 10 AM and reported the theft. By using the AutoConnect GPS portal, the police were able to locate the truck just outside of Ottawa, over 45 minutes from the Merchand’s shop. Within 2 hours of the 9-1-1 call, authorities had located the truck and apprehended a suspect.


Tori Merchand claimed AutoConnect GPS was key to the police investigation. “The police were in awe of the fleet replay feature. They were able to track the truck’s stops throughout the night, and check for other criminal activity.”​

Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping never had theft in mind when they installed a fleet monitoring solution, but the benefit is undeniable. “We never purchased the GPS for this purpose, but boy are we glad we had it.

With the time from theft to recovery under 24 hours, Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping was able to quickly locate and recover their asset, avoiding an extended period of downtime resulting from extensive repairs, replacement, or drawn-out insurance processes. 

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