Safety Is Key For Business Fleets

At AutoConnect GPS our efforts are usually focused on optimizing businesses using GPS tracking. Controlling behaviours such as speeding, excessive idling, and aggressive driving habits all contribute to a more profitable business. But there’s another aspect of GPS tracking that is often overlooked, safety.  


Strategies and technologies that center around optimization and efficiency would be nothing if it weren’t for people. As a fleet manager, your priority is keeping your people safe. For businesses that operate remotely, this can prove to be a difficult task. Delivery businesses, over-the-road carriers, construction companies and all types of service fleets know the difficulty in keeping track of their people. Ensuring they arrived at their destination or departed from their current location typically relies on intermittent communication between fleet managers, dispatchers, and operators.


There are many businesses that send fleet assets to remote locations whether it be a job on a construction site, repairing equipment and facilities in the bush, or working on a broken-down truck on a dirt road. In these situations, it’s often not necessary or feasible to stay in constant communication to ensure your people are safe. Especially if you have a high number of employees in the field. Geo-fences allow you to set up virtual barriers that, once breached, will notify fleet managers of the comings and goings of their vehicles, equipment, and other tracked assets. Set up your custom geo-fence around dangerous work areas, or if performing service calls, set up a geo-fence around the site in question. That way you’ll know when your team arrives, how long they stay and when they leave. If an asset has been within the geo-fence too long or does not arrive in the expected amount of time, this could be an indication that something went wrong, and further investigation is required.


Fatalities resulting from traffic collisions in Canada (2016) were 1,898 and 40,327 in the U.S. (2016). Clearly, road safety is a significant issue that fleet managers are constantly assessing. Our live tracking allows fleet managers to monitor their fleet’s activities in real-time. However, it’s not realistic or practical for fleet managers to sit in front of their tablet, smartphone or desktop and watch the live feed to ensure that their people aren’t involved in a collision. For those businesses that have vehicles driving long distances, consider creating checkpoints using Geo-Fences. With the Geo-Fence feature in the Plug N Track GPS tracking system, you can assign any portion of a roadway as an “area”. Every time one of your drivers enters and exits the “area” you will be notified via SMS or email. Set up multiple “areas” using geo-fences to create checkpoints along a designated route.

A relatively hands-off approach using route checkpoints frees up the valuable time of fleet managers, while simultaneously giving peace of mind to everyone involved.

AutoConnect GPS welcomes the opportunity to help you improve your safety processes so you can begin achieving the peace of mind you deserve!

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