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Report Upgrade


Your account has automatically received this update. No action is required on your part.

Detailed: Start / Stop by Location v2 has been added to your account

The Detailed: Start / Stop by Location v2 report has been added to your account! This is an upgrade to the original report (the original also continues to be available in your account). The new report provides users with an entirely new experience for this go-to report. It’s an easy to understand interactive report loaded with essential data and features to help you manage your fleet!

  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Interactive Mapping Interface
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Visually Identify Stop Locations
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Visually Identify Trip Routes
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Email Report Directly to Others
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Export to PDF or Excel
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Idle Stops Identification
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Registered Driver Information
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Enhanced Data-centric Excel Export

What is it?

This is one of our most popular reports. It is the go-to “what’s everyone doing” report that provides users the start and stop locations between each trip along with all the details. It includes essential information like the time the vehicle started and the time the vehicle stopped, travel time and the distance between, plus a host of details to help every fleet operator monitor and manage their business fleet.

What would you use it for?

  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Activity summary
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Time spent on-site
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Billing verification
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Job estimating
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 Payroll validation
  • AC DiamondAsset 1 and much more!